Sunday, February 15, 2009

NENYland Criminal Genius: Meth Lab Scientist

© 2009 Stan Spire

Here in the northeastern corner of New York State – NENYland (nee-nee-land) – criminals with the highest IQ’s amaze the public with their daring exploits.

Take the recent bust of a local meth lab. Usually such operations are hidden in way out in the countryside, lost in the wilderness.

Apparently one enterprising criminal decided to save on travel costs; he set up his lab inside an apartment complex in Plattsburgh. Why live in the middle of nowhere when he could take advantage of city life? Also, most of his customer base would be in the city area.

But this genius got busted. Did a friend rat him out? Or did undercover officers get the goods on him?

No. A minor detail tripped him up.

Neighbors noticed this detail and called the police.

One reason why meth labs normally operate in the sparsely populated sticks: no one around to complain about the powerful smell during the manufacturing process.

A minor detail, like I said.