Thursday, December 17, 2009

Public Begging System Self-Destructs

(C) 2009 Stan Spire

Enough already, PBS!

Some should tell them about the law of diminishing returns. More pledge drives doesn't mean more money being donated. After a while people get turned off by the almost constant begathons. As soon as I see someone pleading for money for public television, I tune out.

One time a PBS station here in NENYland was really laying on the guilt trip, saying that employees would have to be let go unless the money came in. This claim appeared in a newspaper article.

The next day, according to someone who worked at the station, the general manager was going around to everyone and saying not to worry, no one was going to lose their job.

That's the BS in PBS.

Maybe public television is really hurting for money this time around. Fuck 'em. Let the rich elite pay for it, those wealthy stockholders reaping in big dividends while ordinary people are being thrown out of work to jive up the company's stock value.

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