Wednesday, January 6, 2010


(C) 2010 Stan Spire

No sunshine in NENYland lately. Just a series of gray snowy days. Limbo.

This blog is in limbo. Low hits on the counter. No one reads it. The lemmings must be all over at Facebook, writing pithy bits of nothing and exchanging cute little digital gifts.

So maybe I should change my writing style. Be really funny, not so negative. Yeah. Fat fucking chance. If I want to write to an audience, I might as well work at a newspaper. Or try the mainstream publishing route again, sending out short stories and novels to win the approval of a no-talent editor, a gatekeeper with all his taste in his mouth and all his brains in his ass.

I write for myself. (Just don't repeat statement to your creative writing teacher in college. That concept will blow his mind, man, inducing a tumor in his ass.)

So I'm going to treat this blog as my "private" journal. If anyone else reads it, fine. At least it might end up as a message in a bottle from one man treading water in the first half of the 21st century.


TourPro said...

I read via RSS!

Anonymous said...

Want an audience? Write something worth reading, instead of your bitchy and whiny drivel. Part of your problem is you actually think you are smarter than your readers (both of them).

Stan Spire said...


Noted and appreciated.

Anonymous Coward:

My intended audience is a skeptical reader with a wry sense of humor. Apparently you're not smart enough to get it. Sorry, this blog ain't for bitchy, whiny assholes like you. Try something more on your level, simple to understand, like Rush Limbaugh or Sesame Street.