Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Freak Out

(C) 2010 Stan Spire

The other day someone wrote in to the Plattsburgh Daily Dinosaur (news)paper saying that he was ashamed of some of the opinions that appeared in the comment-anonymously-via-email feature, Speak Out. He was afraid that such ignorant comments from readers would get out beyond the Plattsburgh area (i.e., to the world), how such comments would taint the image of the people who live here.

Inspiration. I decided to do my part in meming the astute acumen evinced by certain NENYlanders.

Here are a couple of Speak Out items. The first one belongs to the "Huh?" category.

== Speakout: Feb. 27, 2010

I cannot wait to hear the whining over the dismantling of yet another North Country meth lab. I'm sure the local druggies can reduce meth down to a level found in nature which surely must justify its existence. Bad policemen, no doughnuts for you this week. ==

So is the writer anti-druggie, anti-cop or just addled from meth?

The next one refers to a volunteer effort held each year by a local Catholic school to bring aid to the poor people of Nicaragua. This year the first flight for the Mission of Hope volunteers was canceled. Someone made this observation:

== Speakout: March 1, 2010

Maybe God is telling the Mission of Hope by canceling their flight that the Nicaraguan Communists do not need their help. ==

Hey, no doughnuts for you, John Bircher.

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