Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keeping The Kids To Home

(C) 2010 Stan Spire

There was an article in the Plattsburgh Dinosaur Dispatch about efforts to make the Adirondack region a better place for young college graduates to live and work. Too many young people were moving away.

One answer was to get broadband so that more young professionals could work from home with their computers.

Yeah, right. Between local, state and federal government, you'll be lucky to see broadband in these god-forsaken sticks by 3010. Other countries have better broadband penetration -- but then again, other countries have national health care.

But there are plenty of jobs for young people in the region. Like selling drugs, taking advantage of the Montreal - New York City pipeline. Of course, those jobs can be cut short by arrests. But arrests mean more jobs for other young people. After all, jail and prison guards have to watch over the imprisoned felons. And don't forget police officers and lawyers who play important roles in the process.

There are plenty of great jobs around here for young professionals. Why screw up the natural employment ecosystem by getting broadband?

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