Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random Shots -- Sat. 8/7/10

>> Screw Twitter. 140 character limit? I can microblog here without counting every little letter. No time for constipated expression.

>> News item: Disgraced NENYland ex-pol / "alleged" pedophile is ratting out other child molesters. Good, but he's only doing it to shave off time from his prison stretch. He presented himself to the public as a conservative but actually he was a con-servative. An expert on TeeVee called this ex-pol a "psychopath." Psychopaths are manipulators, deceivers. So he's playing the system again.

>> Some people ride the public bus to talk with the driver. Usually sitting in the front seat, they stay on and go in circles for a few trips. Cheaper than a shrink. No appointment necessary.

>> Bad rainstorms: buildings flood, manhole covers pop up, sewer lines break in the city. Hey, Plattsburgh, instead of wasting money on boondoggles like the never-built hotel by the sometimes stinking shit-processing plant down by the lake, how about fixing your freaking infrastructure? Or do the streets have to cave in before you wise up?

>> Place your bets. Which war will the hubristric American Empire lose first: Afghaninam or Iraqinam?

>> So why hasn't Walt Disney approached me about my Nutts comic strip? It would be great for the kids.

>> Cuntry music. Therapy for mentally ill rednecks.

Typical lyrics:

"All our fears

"And all our tears

"Somebody stole

"Our tractor's gears."

(I know, the term "mentally ill redneck" is a pleonasm.)

>> Ever hear of a local commentator named Rick Smith? No? Good.

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