Sunday, August 23, 2009

Keeping Eyeballs Around Longer

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As mentioned in my post, “Acronyms Make Me Acrimonious,” I hate reading a blog post with all sorts of abbreviations that aren’t spelled out. This means I have to leave the page, Google the acronyms and find out what the author is referring to.

No, I don’t mean everyday simple stuff like AP or OMG. If I’m reading a journalistic blog, then most likely AP refers to the Associated Press. If I’m perusing a “scoop” about a vapid celebrity, a story that is trying to get me excited about some semi-talented rectal polyp, then OMG! means that a desperate hack wrote it.

Over at, Ken Doctor gets it right. In a post entitled
“Advance Partnership Signals Greater Microsoft/Newspaper Connection,” (Aug. 16, 2009), he explains that BT means behavioral targeting and SEM refers to Search Engine Marketing. Just a few extra words save me the hassle of clicking away to Google to figure out what he’s talking about.

I tried to politely point this out to another journalistic blogger and he basically said to go away. Fine. I deleted the feed to his blog from my RSS list.

The other way to handle the acronym situation is to link the term within the post to another site that explains what it means. Me, I’m not that much into linking. I want people to stay here at this blog, not go off and get distracted or lost.

Since Ken Doctor does things the right way, I have no problem providing a link to his blog. But I’ll put it below so you can click on it after you finish reading this deathless work of genius. Better yet, just make a note of the URL and keep reading the rest of my blog until your mind is satiated with my vast wisdom and knowledge.

Maybe this Ken Doctor guy ain’t that great, after all.

-- NOTES for the anal-retentive:

RSS: Real Simple Syndication

URL: Uniform Resource Locater

OMG: On My God!

FU: You sucker.

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