Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sour? How About Bitter? Depressed? Suicidal?

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Plattsburgh’s local daily rag, the Jerkwater Journal, has revived what I call “Freak Out,” a feature that allows people to make anonymous comments without the fear of their name being associated with the term “ASSHOLE!”

Take this little intellectual gem entitled “Sour:”

For you people in retail (especially the mall) with the sour faces, do you think we like looking at that? If one person smiled and a couple people saw that, then one would surely smile at someone else and it would catch. If you are not happy with your job, find another one. Leave your problems at home, and enjoy that you are having another day on Earth. Think of the people with cancer, leukemia and other diseases that would give anything to be in your place.

Obviously this idiot has never worked retail, especially at the mall. I give this rectal polyp one month of suffering as a lowly mall clerk before it would realize how fucking stupid this comment is.

Salespeople and clerks are caught between rude customers and rude managers. I speak from experience. You get low pay for stress from both sides. Why smile when you’re in pain?

Not happy with your job, as this ass-hat states? Of course, there are so many good jobs here in NENYland. In fact, the job market has improved due to the recession. Now there are 200, not 100, lined up to get a dream job like dishwashing or cleaning toilets.

Leave your problems at home? Hell, how can you when your job is the problem? Barely making ends meet, bills piling up, while the Elite who own the mall rake in big bucks and live in luxury?

As for people with physical diseases, I would like to see the dickhead commenter behind “Sour” put up with the cancer that eats at the soul, working in an environment of greed and Sell! Sell! Sell! “Sour” wouldn’t last one week during the Xmas rush.

Sure, smile because you’ve lived through another miserable day on Earth making corporate pigs even fatter.

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