Sunday, February 7, 2010

Killer Combo

© 2010 Stan Spire

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. It's become another national holiday. Everyone has to join in, gather with others and watch overpaid steroidal simpletons chase after a vagina-shaped hunk of pigskin.

Next Sunday is Valentine's Day. A holiday to make sad single people feel even more dejected.

Next year Super Bowl Sunday should be combined with Valentine's Day. That should kill off both stupid holidays, especially after the sudden rise in domestic violence and divorces.

"My husband wouldn't take me out for dinner. He wanted to stay home and watch the game while I prepared and served snacks to him and his buddies."

"I tried to get romantic with my boyfriend during the half-time show but he told me to take a cold shower. He didn't want to distracted and miss any moment of the big game. That's why I hit him in the head with the lamp."

It's all a matter of priorities, ain't it? Following the crowd's actions instead of having an independent mind.

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