Sunday, February 28, 2010


(C) 2010 Stan Spire

[Note to clueless roobs: "Stan Spire" is a character, an altered ego, that cranky ghost in your computer.]

Is it over? All that winter Olympian bullshit?

NBC TeeVee make me sick of the games before they started. It kept running promos 24/7 with that long-haired puke, Shaun White. That plastic hippie kept going on about all of the support he got from his mother. What about all the corporate $upport for shilling in ads? Mom, apple pie, and capitalism. That'll get me to tune in.

Even though I tuned out the games, I still couldn't get away from them, stories leaked through my mental barrier like shit osmosis. Like that scandal with how the Canadian women's hockey team celebrated their big win. So what if some tough women drank beer and smoked cigars? They have rights just like their heterosexual he-man counterparts.

Some of NENYland's brightest think those women hockey players eat cardboard boxes to show how tough they are. I just nod my head and say, "I think they do it for the fiber."

Apparently some clown from a NENYland jerkwater called Vermontville won a medal or something. That's nice. Have you ever been to Vermontville? If you visit there, don't forget your toothpicks and spittoon.

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