Sunday, June 28, 2009

BBC-- You suck!!

© 2009 Stan Spire

When I watch the BBC TeeVee news on the local Public BS station, I don’t want the same crap you get from the typical American network “news.” I want to know about the important things in the world like what’s happening with the Dead End Wars (Iraq & Afghanistan, AKA Vietnam II & Vietnam III).

I don’t want fluff, especially entertainment “news.” So what do I get the other day? Twenty minutes straight of the BBC speculating whether or not Michael Jackson, the King Of Crap, was dead. The same shots shown over and over again outside the hospital where it’s been rumored – NOT confirmed – that he had been delivered by a meat wagon.

Is he dead? Let’s talk this to person who knows jackshit about Jackson. “I heard he died but I hope he didn’t, but I can’t confirm it, oh my…”

On and on this fucking crap went. I left the TeeVee on in the background like a radio while I did other things, waiting for some NEWS to come on. After twenty minutes of NOTHING I shut off the TeeVee. What did it was some twit girl on the phone with the BBC saying we all should light a candle for poor Michael, he might be dead, but I hope he isn’t…

Meanwhile soldiers are wounded, dying, in the Dead End Wars while the BBC goes on with prattle about some overrated androgynous mutant.

Moon walk to hell, BBC.

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