Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boycott Vermont

© 2009 Stan Spire

On the upside of lousy DeeTeeVee reception: less exposure to annoying ads repeated ad nauseam.

Like WCAX-TeeVee across the lake in Burlington and its insufferable Buy Vermont spots. Some yahoo going on how it’s important to support his local business. Vermonters should only support Vermonters.

Well, screw you. Why don’t you secede from the US and become completely provincial?

I’m so sick of this Buy Only Vermont irk being on 24/7 that I’m making a list of stuff I ain’t going to purchase, from Green Mountain Coffee to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to Vermont maple syrup. Keep your crap in your own state and just buy it among yourselves. After all, you don’t need New York or any other state as part of your market.

While you’re at it, Vermont, why don’t you just inbreed among yourselves? Until the flatlanders showed up to diversify the gene pool, you were on the way to becoming a tribe of sap-sucking troglodytes.

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