Saturday, March 14, 2009

Corporate Overlords Screw Peon Employees

© Stan Spire 2009

So who pays when big government or big business screws up? The average joe or jane.

Some corporations went on a buying spree, paying top dollar for newspapers all over the country. Sure, they ended up with heavy debt loads, but hey – the economy will just keep on growing and the newspapers will generate the needed $.


The ironical part is that some papers in smaller communities are doing OK, still generating profits. But those profits ain’t high enough to help pare down the corporations’ heavy debt.

So the corporate masters squeeze more money out of each operation. Trimming down the width of the paper, publishing fewer pages each day. Another trend is putting employees on unpaid furloughs.

It was announced today (3/14/09) in the Plattsburgh (news)Paper that next quarter its employees will have to take a five days off, no pay.

In the article the publisher says the Plattsburgh Paper has maintained a strong advertising and circulation base. But the paper is a part of a large group and so it’s doing its part to help out.

Large group = greedy corporation.

So even thought the local paper has already been doing its part to maintain profits, it still has to suffer for the sake of the fat overlords at the top of the food chain.

I wonder how many employees stuck with unpaid furloughs are going to be influenced – or just outright pressured - to keep working off the books for the sake of the greedy corporation. Or maybe the whip will put to their backs to get more done on the days they are paid.

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