Sunday, March 15, 2009

Public BS: Bag Your Begging!

© Stan Spire 2009

Put a sock in it, PBS-TeeVee. Two Public BS stations – one here in NENYland and one across the lake in the state now known at Buy Vermont – are driving away viewers with almost constant begging for money.

Ever hear of the law of diminishing returns? Do you think you can extract more $ out of people? OK, you have to raise money to keep in operation but after a while your relentless begathons just turn off people. 2 AM and I tune in to find you still pleading for bucks.

Especially when you interrupt the usual programming to put on for the nth time the doo-wop special. That music is dead and you’ll be dead, too, if you piss off viewers by pre-empting programs they like to follow every week.

Anyway, why do we need two Public BS stations in this area? Most of the time they show the same programs.

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