Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Job! Here’s Your Reward

© Stan Spire 2009

Today (3/15/09) the Plattsburgh Daily (news)Paper ran an editorial reassuring the reader that everything was financially hunky-dory with its operation.

This was a follow-up to an article that appeared the day before that announced all employees at the Paper would have to take a five day unpaid leave next quarter. The editorial repeated the same theme that was in the article: We’re doing OK here in the Plattsburgh area, but we belong a corporation with “disparate properties” that perform disparately and we’re helping out.

Loosely translated: Other papers owned by our corporate masters are doing bad and to help them out we’re sharing the pain, despite doing our job and remaining profitable.

So are any of the corporate greedpigs at the top taking any cuts? Are they sharing in the pain? Or are they still riding around in their limos and private planes?

That’s the evil of corporations: they go on buying sprees – in this case newspapers – and local control is taken away. If the Plattsburgh Paper didn’t belong to a corp, it would be plugging along, making a decent profit, and no one would be screwed out of five paid days.

A corporation can be a vampiric octopus, its tentacles getting into local businesses, sucking away as much $ as possible. And if things go south, the business has to close – oh well, the greedpigs made some profit before the trough went empty.

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