Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Homeland Insecurity

© 2009 Stan Spire

Item in the news: a NENYland resident is in legal trouble, facing charges in the murder of a nude dancer across the border in Canada.

Adam Morris, who was also busted for child porn, admitted in court here in the US that he hid the dancer’s body in a gravel pit near his home. Basically, he pled guilty to evidence tampering. He faces extradition to Canada to stand trial for murder.

So after the big push with Homeland Security, how did this suspect get the corpse across the border? What about all this talk of training screeners to detect terrorists and others hiding something by judging their facial expressions? Instead of the pseudo-psychological voodoo training, how about popping open a trunk now and then to look inside?

In the Plattsburgh (news)Paper article it was mentioned: “Morris, who appeared in a two-piece, orange, county-issued outfit, with chains around his middle and handcuffs…”

This is what passes for high society coverage here in NENYland; the latest fashion trends among its noble citizens.

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