Thursday, April 9, 2009

Special Treatment

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In yesterday’s edition of the local daily (news)Paper (Wed. 4/8/09) a reader shared her horrible experience at the Plattsburgh hospital in Letters to the Editor. She was staying at the hospital, fast asleep in her room, when she was awakened by another patient urinating on her.

Usually a rebuttal to such a critical letter doesn’t appear until days, maybe weeks, later. But right after that reader’s letter there was a reply from hospital officials, giving their side of the story.

Obviously the newspaper contacted the hospital about the pissing incident letter and allowed it to get a reply into print on the same day. Now why would the hospital get special treatment, its response placed immediately after the patient’s complaint? Could it be all the advertising it takes out in the Paper, big half-page or full page displays?

Naw. That’s just a coincidence.

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Stan Spire said...

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Tourpro wrote:

I thought that was odd too. The apology and excuse seems kind of weak.

Unless you are consenting, getting peed on should be a crime.