Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Twilight Zone Rush Limbaugh

© Stan Spire 2009

Yesterday (Tues. 4/7/09) a rare event occurred: I was glad I had tuned in Rush Limbaugh’s radio program.

A caller identified himself as a military veteran who belonged to the Republican Party and had voted for John McCain in the last presidential election. This vet was upset that Rush supported torture of all U.S. enemies, unlike McCain. The caller said that anyone who supported torture was like the Nazis who faced charges during the Nuremberg trials after the end of World War II.

The caller pointed out that Rush never served in the military (a key point overlooked by many of his pro-war followers). If we torture our enemies, they would do the same to our soldiers. There were others ways to get information from a prisoner without resorting to torture, said the caller, who added that some prisoners have been killed by U.S. soldiers during recent conflicts.

On a roll the caller stated that Rush was a brainwashed Nazi like Sean Hannity and the rest. He blamed Rush for the Republicans losing the White House, adding that Rush wasn’t really a Republican.

Now here comes the Twilight Zone moment. Pissed off, Rush shot back by saying the caller – a vet who voted for McCain – wasn’t a true Republican.

In Limbaughland, black is white and up is down…

It was great that the angry caller got through. Usually the only ones who get by the phone screener are fawning shitto – oops, I mean ditto – heads.

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